Cinema Images of the Week


The most watched DVD of the past few weeks – Little Miss Sunshine
It seemed like every other day, a friend or relative was over and for some strange reason they kept asking me if I had this movie on DVD. Sure enough, they’d end up watching it. It’s a great movie. The more and more I see it the more I see why this tiny little movie deserves all the accolades its been receiving lately.


Settling a debate over one of the best movie musicals – West Side Story
Thanks to the continuing discussion on movie musicals last Wednesday, I was challenged by a colleague at work to go see West Side Story again. So I picked up the box set at CostCo for under $20 and I have to admit, I gave this movie a bum rap. It’s actually really good. Perhaps even great. Movie musicals are never a perfect package maybe because its too stylized for the average moviegoer. Yet with this movie you can’t deny Jerome Robbins’ choreography or the brassy award-winning performances of Rita Moreno and George Chikiris. I concede. It is a great movie.


Remake what? – Charade: Criterion Collection
An idea was brewing that perhaps the next film I do should be a remake of Charade. Bad idea, I thought. Jonathan Demme did a really bland version a few years back with The Truth About Charlie. But after seeing the movie again, perhaps it’s not a bad idea after all . . . if I incorporate certain elements to a particular trilogy I’m trying to finish . . . hmm, the possibilities.

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