A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forums

I can’t take it anymore.

I’d like to believe that I’m a serious cinephile; a budding filmmaker; and a connoisseur of celluloid, pretentious as it may sound. Yes, I am one to frequent sites such as RottenTomatoes, DVDActive, IMDb, FilmTracks and a host of other film and cinema related websites that update me on the state of the art.

But do we really need to be flooded with countless fanboys on these forums who think they know what the hell is going on? I mean seriously? Who gives a rat’s ass if Spidey 3 will beat out Pirates 3 at the box office next summer? Only the distributors. How is the box office income of a certain movie going to affect our lives in the grand scheme of things? I’m not the guy in charge at Sony or Disney so I can care less. I do care how these movies are made. That’s a different story.

And yes you can learn from the Special Features on a DVD. But remember, the DVD offers some wonderful behind-the-scenes featurettes but in all reality their PR Marketing pieces to show you that they all “had a great time filming the sequel and they would die to work with said director again.” No one is going to put on the Pirates 3 DVD that Keith Richards got drunk on his first day of filming. Now there’s an experience we filmmakers can learn from!

I can care less about criticism. I can care less about revenue (but I will keep in track of per-screen average because it’s important to see the trend of the distributors). And yes, when it’s my time to get up there and have a movie running wide release on a hot summer’s day, I will care. But at this point, what matters to me is the art, the state of the art, but not the commerce of the art. Leave that to the bean counters.

And who is SpideyFan238 anyway? Or RingNut75? If you’re supposed to be well in the know, then stop posting in forums and make a statement in the trades! Unless your Kevin Smith who likes to do both which really proves he’s still got amateurish instincts in him.

And what gets me is that these idiots flooding these sites are “aspiring moviemakers.” Then, stop worrying about the box office revenue of next summer’s blockbuster. Stop trying to figure out who will win the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing.

I write this because we film students are lacking fellow peers who care about the art, from the creative aspects to the business aspects. Instead they care about the fluff that surrounds the art and they waste their time predicting who will make a better Joker in the next Batman film.

Instead, see the movies. Learn from them. Enjoy them. Critique them. See how it’s done. Ask why. Then see if you can make one.

That’s how a fan becomes a filmmaker.

One thought on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forums”

  1. SO freakin true. even though i am registered with chud and imdb, i don’t comment that much just because it seems most people are of the kind who like to pick fights and hear themselves talk. i don’t like being associated with that, which is why i tend to avoid the movie blogrings on here too. it seems the movie industry, to those who don’t take it seriously as an art, is little more than a glorified pissing contest where gold, silver and bronze matter more at the box office than artistic expression and good storytelling and hell, how about just a good time! you can definitely tell a lot about “film buffs” from what aspects of the business are important to them.
    as to your last post and my comment (i was hoping the sarcasm would be evident), i don’t take you as pretentious at all man. i’m glad that you are experiencing success in what you’re doing because i see you as someone who knows what real success is; you know where your bread is buttered. one of the best parts of that for me is that you understand what your craft is all about. it’s refreshing and inspiring to see that. God is truly blessing you brother. in many, many ways.
    thanks for the encouraging words in your comments. they mean a lot. be well enrico


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