Oscar Nominee


This was back in high school. Geoff Hoyle played Zazu in the original Broadway cast of the Lion King and the guy with the umbrella is Oscar nominee David Strathairn. Mr. “Good Night and Good Luck.” Strathairn was doing The Tempest at A.C.T. at the time and my good friend Ariel and I got a chance to spend some time backstage because we had teachers in the production. Ah yes, and Strathairn visited our school.


Today at work, Jeff (my boss, who is also a film fanatic) gave me the new 2-Disc Special Edition of “All the President’s Men” thanking me for the great work I’ve been doing lately. He and I had a discussion about some of the films that influenced me and I told him that this particular film ranks high on the list. As a matter of fact, I just finished watching it and I must blog about it soon.


He knew I didn’t have the new edition so he surprised me and left it in my box with a note saying “a companion piece to Murrow. Great Job at work. Good Night and Good Luck, Enrico!”


I’m blessed. Not just because I have a kick-ass boss, but free DVDs as perks?


A film major can’t complain.

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