What’s the Big Deal, Cowboy?

Okay. Perhaps I’m not in tune with everyone lately. Or perhaps I’m just not getting something.

For all its brave beginnings and real achievements — its assault on western mythology, its discovery of a subversive sexual honesty in an unexpected locale — Brokeback Mountain finally fails to fully engage our emotions.” Richard Shickel – TIME Magazine

I agree wholeheartedly.

One thought on “What’s the Big Deal, Cowboy?”

  1. i wanted to see this film, curious to know if it could supercede a pretty period piece with overwrought drama, and do more examining of the depths and conflicts of real characters. but your reactions match what i feared could be the case. that sucks. i’ll still check it out at some point, but you pretty much confirmed that it won’t deserve half the awards it’s nominated for.i know it’s not out yet, but what are your thoughts on Bubble? it’s getting a LOT of legitimate sounding buzz, which i’m happy for, and in the various impressions i’ve collected based on what i’ve read about it, i’m actually getting a Dancer In The Dark vibe. you know, minus von trier. but i’m hyped man. i’ll catch it in the theater if i can.absolutely agree on your oscar thoughts. i could forgive the Gladiator thing, but after Beautiful Mind won the big one, the oscars are little more than an amusing thing to me. i can’t hate on them totally because of the irrepressable cineaste in me, but there’s not nearly as much weight as it should carry. i am looking forward to the Independant Spirit’s though.and i felt bad for that shot i took at Crash. i respect your appreciation for film, and i would hate to really offend you on a difference we may have. i’d rather see a film that divides everyone than one that’s rehashed formulaic cloning. Crash definitely stirred the pot and got the ol’ dander up, and as frustrated as i can get with movies like that and Natural Born Killers and anything by lars von trier :), i still love the discussions on those the most. this is long. thanks for the thoughts brother. have a good saturday


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