Movies on the Horizon

I finally saw the trailer/poster for Spielberg’s next film, Munich which looks fascinating. The story is one I’ve been aware of and in my opinion, one of the most disturbing moments in history. Some of the images still haunt me, especially the news photos showing the members of Black September. The movie will definitely be on my short list of must-sees this holiday season.


I’m also excited about Stephen Gaghan’s Syriana. The trailer blew me away. There are so many damn good movies coming out–The Squid and the Whale, Paradise Now, Memoirs of a Geisha, Nine Lives, Rent, and the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line. You guys know I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan.


I’m also excited about seeing Bee Season because, like Rent, it was shot in San Francisco and many of my actors from The Last Agent are in it. The big movie in town is David Fincher’s film on the Zodiac Killer. It’s a buzzin’!


So, preeminent film composer John Williams hands the Harry Potter duties to Patrick Doyle. I just finished listening to the Goblet of Fire soundtrack and I’m disappointed. Huge. It just doesn’t sound like a Harry Potter film.


When I went to go see Good Night and Good Luck (hands down the best movie of the year so far) for the second time last week, I finally found my new favorite movie theatre. It’s far . . . all the way in Pleasant Hill, but these art house theatres are just so much fun. I finally buckled down and got my CineArts membership too, which I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time.


I’m going to do a piece on underrated films soon. Had some wonderful conversations with a co-worker about it . . .


. . . till then, good night and good luck.

One thought on “Movies on the Horizon”

  1. Munich – if it wasn’t for spielberg, i’d be more excited. it does indicate a slightly different kind of film for him though, which may in itself make it something i’d like to see.The Squid And The Whale – it’s getting great buzz, enough to make me eager enough to catch it when it gets to the midwest.Walk The Line – bring that mofo on. i can’t wait for that guy.fincher’s Zodiac – he hasn’t made a bad film yet, and i think this will return him to the level he was at with Fight Club. definitely one of the upcoming movies i’m most anticipatingi really hope i have the dough to finally see Good Night And Good Luck next weekend. it’s getting enough critical hype to give me confidence that it’ll stay at the art house (yes, art houses are awesome) by me for at least the next few weeks. trust me man, i will let you know as soon as i see it.i can’t freaking wait for your take on underrated films. you know i’ll be commenting large on that thing 🙂 until then, be well friend


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